Meet Nicholas Reid Dillard

From an early point in my life, I have been driven to serve others. After graduating from high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. On the USS Theodore Roosevelt, I volunteered on the fire and flood team promoting safe conditions for my fellow service members.

I enrolled in the Texas Tech School of Law after graduation from the University of Texas at Austin. I recognized having a law degree would enhance my ability to help those in need. Upon passing the bar, I established The Law Office of Nicholas Reid Dillard in Conroe. I have committed my practice in Montgomery County to promoting my clients' interests in family law and personal injury matters.

To learn more about my background, please read my legal biography below.

As an attorney, my dedication to defending those in need is evident in my economical representation, my compassion and my personalized legal strategies. I will work with you to obtain the results you seek through effective communication, thoughtful consideration and an in-depth knowledge of the law.

The Legal Ally For Your Case

I understand that your legal matters involve unique circumstances and may be of a delicate nature. You can rely on my professionalism and discretion when you retain my services for concerns such as:

Having obtained my mediator training certificate, I can ably navigate the process associated with this form of alternative dispute resolution. Drawing on my extensive litigation and mediation, I can advise you on the course of action that will provide the best results for your situation.

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