Using Mediation To Resolve Conflicts Efficiently And Effectively

Once rare, disagreements with your spouse now erupt on a daily basis. Initially isolated between adults, the tension caused by your marital conflict has now spread to your children. Seeking to end the fighting and reduce its impact on your loved ones, you have researched all options.

For some, divorce provides an opportunity to leave discord behind and begin a new stage in life. For others, fears of the legal fees and testifying in family court may eliminate divorce from a list of available choices.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have another method for dissolving your marriage bond and safeguarding your child's well-being: mediation. Mediation offers a flexible, private and cost-effective way to resolve issues and is recognized by Texas courts.

As a trained mediator and lawyer, I, Nicholas Dillard, have helped many of my family law clients in Montgomery County identify mutually agreeable solutions for a range of concerns including:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Division of property

There Are Many Benefits Associated With Mediating Disputes

Those engaged in mediation appreciate the attributes associated with this form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR):

  • The parties determine the pace of the negotiation, not a judge. If you and your spouse have an amicable relationship, mediation may hasten your divorce proceedings.
  • Since both parties have participated in a final agreement, there is a higher rate of compliance with its terms.
  • Unlike court proceedings, mediation sessions remain private.

If you hire my services as a divorce mediator, you will gain from my commitment to your long-term welfare. As your advocate, I will take the time to educate you on the mediation process and explain the ramifications of the decisions you'll be making. While other family law attorneys do not offer mediation services for fear of reducing their revenue, I am eager to facilitate a process that encourages collaboration to solve problems.

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